Editor's note: Ken recently retired from WBIR, after 35 wonderful years telling the stories of East Tennessee. While he's no longer working with us every day, you'll still see a Classic Schwall from time to time on Channel 10, and the Positively Schwall page will live on-- so you can still enjoy his wonderful wit.

Every time I see a group of Cub Scouts taking a tour of the vast Channel 10 studios, I have flashbacks. It was back in 1955 and as a proud member of Cub Scout Pack 350, I toured the studios of Channel 4 in my hometown of Detroit. It was part of a career program, trying to help us decide what we might do for a living when we grow up.

My initial reaction to the TV station was "Gee, this doesn't look hard". I decided then and there that broadcasting was for me.

After 44-years (9 in radio and 35 on Channel 10) I'm convinced that the decision I made as a Cub Scout those many years ago, was....... questionable at best.

But I'm here now and It's too late to turn back.

On the brighter side, I do enjoy living out in the country with my wife, the cat and the chickens. It's even better when the grandkids come to see us.

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