On the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, an East Tennessee judge and historian is releasing a book that details the significance of President Lincoln's famous speech.

Judge James Cotton's book, "The Greatest Speech Ever", hit bookshelves Tuesday.

Cotton's book analyzes the impact President Lincoln's speech made on America, and how his life shaped him as president. He said it's a story of perseverance, and one that shows what the president had to overcome, and how he kept the country intact.

"Lincoln knew we would come out of the Civil War in one piece or we would fly apart. That's really the significance of today because we would not be here today. I think it's fair to say had Lincoln not been re-elected in 1864, there would be no America at least no America as we know it today," said Cotton.

In the book, Cotton details why the speech is a moment of American exceptionalism. He says some of Lincoln's words are still relevant today.

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