2/3 spray (1 sec/spray) Oil, Cooking Spray

2 tsp. Garlic Cloves, Fresh, Peeled, Chopped

3-1/3 pound Pork, Shoulder, Raw, Diced

1-2/3 pound Onions, Yellow, Fresh, Diced, 1/4"

2 tsp. Sugar, Granulated

1-1/3 tbsp. Oil, Canola

1-1/3 spray (1 sec/spray) Oil, Cooking Spray

1.5 C. Tomato sauce or Puree, No Added Salt, Canned

1-2/3 quart Chicken Stock, Low Sodium

1 C. Beans, Garbanzo, Canned, Drained, Rinsed

1 C Beans, Great Northern, Canned, Drained, Rinsed

1 C. Sweet Potatoes, Fresh, Peeled, Cubed, 1/2"

½ lb Kale, Fresh, Chopped

1/3 cup Paprika, Ground

1 tsp. Pepper, Red, Crushed

2.5 tsp Cumin, Ground

2 each Bay Leaf

1/3 tsp. Pepper, Black, Ground

1 tsp. Thyme Leaves, Dried, Crushed

1 tsp. Oregano Leaves, Dried, Crushed


Heat large soup pot with oil over medium high heat. Add diced onions and sprinkle with sugar. Continue to cook onions until well caramelized, stirring occasionally to further browning and prevent burning. Once onions are caramelized, add chopped garlic and cook for 1 minute.

Heat another saute pan over medium high heat and spray with cooking spray. Sear diced pork on all sides; working in batches as to not crowd the pan (for even browning).

Add chicken stock and blended tomatoes to pot with caramelized onions. Bring liquid to a simmer, add all spices, and combine well. Add browned pork to pot. Bring stew to a boil, reduce heat to low, and simmer for about 90 minutes.

Roasting Sweet Potatoes: toss with olive oil, spread on parchment lined baking sheet, and roast in preheated oven until golden brown (approximately 8-10 minutes), stirring as necessary.

After stew has simmered for appropriate time, add chopped kale, roasted sweet potatoes, garbanzo and great northern beans to stew. Let cook until heated all the way through and kale has wilted (approximately 10-15 minutes).

Yields 10-12 servings

Presented by Chef Mark McKinney, UT Medical Center


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