It's All So Yummy Café

Kim Wilcox

1 lb of diced peaches, fresh or frozen

1 fresh jalapeno diced and seeded

¼-1/2 cup of maple syrup

½ cup chopped pecans

pinch of smoked sea salt

Sliced baked chicken breast

Pepper jack and provolone cheese

Sweet heat seasoning

In a skillet melt a little butter and about 1 T of olive oil. Saute jalapeno peppers until they are soft and lightly browned. Add peaches, pecans, maple syrup and bring to boil then cook over low heat until peaches are soft and the mixture is thick. Add a bit of smoked salt to taste.

Warm your griddle – butter each side of your bread and place butter side down on the grill. Place the cheese on each side, add the peach mixture to one side and warm chicken. Grill until the bread is crispy brown.
Flip the bread together, sprinkle with sweet heat and ENJOY!

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