Vienna Coffee Company has moved into a large building on College Street in Maryville.


(WBIR-Maryville) Chemical engineering was on John Clark's mind when he graduated from college. The University of Tennessee alumnus worked near San Francisco, California for years. When he moved back to Tennessee, he felt something was missing.

"I moved back in 1997 and couldn't get good coffee. There was no dark coffee of the West Coast style at all. We had Maxwell House, Folgers and JFG and my taste had matured beyond those," Clark told 10News Monday afternoon.

After roasting his own beans in a popcorn popper and buying a coffee roaster in 2000, John Clark opened Vienna Coffee House in 2010. Business would grow too big for the small, cozy location.

"We outgrew it very quickly and needed a place to go. We had the roastery in a warehouse. So when this location became available I said here's an opportunity to combine the two operations and grow both of them. That's what we've done," Clark said.

The combination, called Vienna Coffee Company, has moved into a large building on College Street in Maryville. There is a coffee shop, bakery, patio, stage and roastery.

VCC is hosting their Grand Opening October 4-6, 2013. You can learn more about the events on the company's website.

Who knew a chemical engineer would become a roastmaster? John Clark didn't.

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