They are senior citizens with the heart of champions.

On Thursday, a group of energetic senior citizens from eight Signature HealthCare homes in the region were at the Olympic games which took place at the Freedom Baptist Church in Pigeon Forge.

The games were hosted by the team from Pigeon Forge Care and Rehabilitation.

This year's theme was the Great Adventure, and included cowboy-themed competitions as barrel racing, steer lasso, cowboy trivia and root beer pong!

You'd expect these spunky seniors to live by such sage advice as "it's not whether you win or lose,it's how you play the game!" But you'd be wrong. They all just wanted to win!

The games followed a recent trip by 38 residents of the SIgnature home to Branson, Missouri, where they went horseback riding, had a Chuck Wagon Dinner and even went line dancing!

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