An exhibit celebrating Knoxville's early years of television is now open.


This year marks the 60th anniversary of television in Knoxville, and to celebrate the milestone, the East Tennessee History Center has an exhibit showcasing the early years of television. The exhibit is called "Live! On Air! and In Your Living Room".

The East Tennessee Historical Society and the Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound put together displays showcasing costumes and equipment from the 1950s and after.

"Regional television is very important because it reflects who were are, our culture, where we've come from, and the important news events. There's a lot of Channel 10 footage that's on display here," said Bradley Reeves, film archivist for the Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound.

Several former employees are featured in the historical footage, like Knoxville's first female forecaster Jean Lindsey and Former WBIR anchor Carl Williams.

"I played in television for a little while and then I went off and taught English. It's not me. I think this is a very impressive exhibit. I'm amazed that they could collect so many things and put them together so professionally," said Lindsey.

"I think this is one of the finest exhibits, one of the finest things I've ever seen anybody do in this town for our industry. It pretty well tells it all from the time I got into this in 1954 up until now. And believe me a lot of changes have been made since then," said Williams.

The exhibit runs through February 22nd at the East Tennessee History Center (601 S. Gay Street, Knoxville).

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