A kitten is safe, warm and dry tonight, after being rescued from a storm drain.

The kitten was stuck in the drain near Averitt Trucking, on Cogdill Road near Pellissippi Parkway in West Knoxville.

A worker at the trucking company saw four kittens in the road Sunday night and took them home. He heard a fifth kitten in the drain, but couldn't get to it.

His wife, who is a veterinarian, came back this morning to see if the kitten was still there. She called animal control, who climbed into the drain to get the him out.

"He was probably about 10 or so yards up the drain and he was in the water so he didn't want to come out. Cats hate water," said Dr. Michel Franco.

The kitten and its four siblings will be spayed and neutered and will eventually go to Young-Williams for adoption.

Animal control says it usually has two or three cases like this a year, of cats needing rescue from gutters, but they had three of these calls in the last three days!

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