For the blind and disabled, a service dog is your constant companion and quickly becomes a member of your family.

Katherine Moore's guide dog, Alex, helped her to see what her eyes couldn't for 11 years. The Australian Shepherd gave her independence and a loving friend.

In 2003, 10News traveled with the pair to guide school in Tampa, Florida and showed you the bonding process. Alex also made the airwaves several times over the years.

Alex passed away in August. Friday, Katherine and her co-workers at the Disability Resource Center held a celebration of life service in his honor.

"Alex meant a lot to a lot of people. He brought a lot of joy and fun and laughter. If someone was having a bad day, they could see Alex coming and they would just light up," said Moore.

The City of Knoxville also helped to plant a tree at Caswell Park for Alex. Moore dedicated the tree to honor the dog.

"He worked very hard and loved everybody in the community and he was a part of everything I did. I wanted to give everybody a chance to say their goodbyes too. Just like I wanted a chance to say a good bye publicly. I wanted to thank him so much for all he did for me and the community," Moore said.

Moore also plans to place a plaque by the tree so other people realize the importance of guide dogs.

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