People can't stop talking about, and sharing lots of photos of the Cava-poo-chon. It's a dog that some say won't ever stop looking like a young puppy – take a look at the photos in the video above and see what you think.

Dog breeders have been searching for a dog that will at least look forever young. Enter the Cava-poo-chon, a cavalier King Charles spaniel and bichon frise mix bred with a miniature poodle.

Linda and Steve Rodgers of Timshell Farm in Pine, Ariz. worked with a geneticist and reproductive veterinarian to create the breed. The canine fountain of youth comes at a pretty penny: the price tag ranges from $2,000-$3,500.

The American Kennel Club does not recognize cava-poo-chons as a new breed — and some just call it an expensive gimmick.

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