Two dogs nearly seized by animal control officers earlier this week are doing well.

On Monday, we showed video of animal control officers with the Knoxville Police Department checking on two dogs at a home on Beaumont Avenue.

Officers found the animals outside in poor conditions, cited the owner, and started to take the animals. They stopped when the owner agreed to take them inside.

We've heard from many viewers who wanted to know how the animals are doing.

KPD says they've followed up with the owner and the animals have been taken to the vet and their shots are up to date.

The area where they stayed outside also has been cleaned up.

Animal control says they're pleased with how the owner handled the situation.

The owner told officers that someone else has been caring for her pets and she wasn't aware of the conditions in which they were being kept.

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Animal control officers stayed busy on Monday, making sure people are taking care of their pets in the extreme cold.

Officers responded to more than a dozen welfare calls by early afternoon.

At one home, officers went out in the morning and warned the owners to bring their pets inside. When they returned in the afternoon, the animals were in the same conditions.

The owner finally took the dogs indoors after the officers started to confiscate them. Officers did cite the owner for keeping the animals in poor living conditions.

They say it's important to bring your pets indoors and make sure they're warm in cold weather.

"You need to bring the dogs inside when the temperature drops, specially with it down in the teens and going down to zero. You know, because they will freeze out there. They can die from the cold, from hypothermia just like we can," said Knoxville Animal Control Officer Keith Hogue.

If your animal needs to be outside, veterinarians say it should have proper shelter and bedding along with plenty of food and water

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