Want more stress-free holiday shopping? Forget Black Friday. The best day to shop for the holidays appears to be Dec. 4, according to ShopperTrak, a company that tracks shopping trends.

The company's new study aimed to identify the best days for shopping, according to the days that will have the least amount of in-store holiday shopper traffic. Those days will be the best for consumers looking to do their shopping in a less frenzied environment, according to ShopperTrack.

"There's a reason Black Friday and the Saturday before Christmas attract the heaviest crowds - retailers flood consumers with discounts and special offers on those days," says Bill Martin, ShopperTrak founder and executive vice president. "But quieter shopping days also present their fair share of deals for consumers, along with more attentive customer service and a leisurely shopping experience."

Several of the days in this year's Top 10 list are in the week immediately following Black Friday weekend.

Besides Wednesday, Dec. 4, three other days that same week - Dec. 2 (Monday), Dec. 3 (Tuesday) and Dec. 6 (Friday) - also garnered top spots as some of the best days to shop this year.

Given their proximity to Thanksgiving and Black Friday, a good selection of merchandise likely will remain in the stores for retailers working to capture those sales, according to ShopperTrak.

This year's holiday shopping season will be more condensed this year, because there will be four shopping weekend this year, versus five weekends last year.

The following table shows ShopperTrak's forecasted best days to shop, ranked from least-to-most retail shopper traffic:

1. Wednesday, Dec. 4

2. Tuesday, Dec. 3

3. Monday, Dec. 2

4. Wednesday, Dec. 11

5. Monday, Dec. 9

6. Tuesday, Dec. 10

7. Friday, Dec. 6

8. Friday, Dec. 13

9. Thursday, Dec. 12

10. Monday, Dec. 16

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