The United Way of Greater Knoxville's has reached its $12 million goal.

"This is a great day for Knoxville. Thanks to the community's generosity, we were able to reach the $12 million goal we set back in August. With this money, we are able to continue the good work that we are doing in Greater Knoxville. I am so thankful that our long-time donors continued to support us and new donors chose United Way as their way to give back. These donations will be used to help the least and the last in our community," said Bob Kesling, campaign chair.

The annual campaign actually raised $12,003,060, based on cash collected, pledges yet to be fulfilled, and some projects with results of which we are still awaiting.

"We could not have reached our goal without the dedication of the hundreds of volunteers who worked so hard on our behalf. We truly could not have done this without them. Together, we help people," said Kesling.

Resource development vice president, Lauren Stewart said, "Bob has worked tirelessly, consistently going above and beyond, and we are so grateful for the work he has done to ensure the success of this campaign."

Donations are used to fund community programs that support the United Way's more than 40 member agencies. For more information, go to their website.

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