by Gary Strauss, USA TODAY; @garybstrauss

Marissa Mayer may not have had nearly the year that fellow ex-Google executive Sheryl Sandberg had. But by most standards, the Yahoo CEO did OK for herself on the compensation front.

Mayer,named CEO at Yahoo in July, received 2012 compensation valued at $36.6million, the Internet giant said in a Tuesday proxy filing. Thatincludes $458,000 in salary and $35 million in restricted shares thatvest by 2017.

Yahoo spent heavily to recruit Mayer -- at 37, theyoungest CEO of a Fortune 500 company. The company said it paid her aone-time retention award valued at $30 million, a one time "make-whole"award valued at $14 million to cover lost compensation at Google andfuture annual stock awards of $12 million. Mayer will also receive $1million in salary this year and a bonus of up to $2 million.

WhileMayer made waves for banning most employees from telecommuting,shareholders have little to complain about. Yahoo is up nearly 60% sinceMayer was hired.

Mayer replaced Scott Thompson, who was forcedout of the company after just four months for embellishing his resume.Thompson had replaced Carol Bartz, fired in 2011.

While Facebookshares are down nearly 30% since a May IPO, Sandberg is a clear winneron the compensation front. Facebook said last week that the Facebook COOgained $821 million from previously awarded shares that vested lastyear. That's on top of $26 million in pay and other compensation.

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