Pencils, papers, and new jeans -- these are just a few items parents and students will pick up on tax free weekend.

One business expecting a boost from tax free weekend is the Brown Squirrel Furniture store. They're subtracting the amount of sales tax shoppers pay in hopes to attract UT students and their parents doing a specific kind of back to school shopping.

"People look for inexpensive pieces of bedding for their students up at UT, so we try to bring in stock of different beds that will be in the price point of what they're looking for," explains Brown Squirrel Furniture's president, Preston Matthews.

He says traffic at his store ramps up about 30% on tax free weekend. His goal is to capitalize on all the shoppers out and about by offering the same type of savings they would see at stores that sell more traditional back to school items.

"You have to show them value, that's what we try to do specifically this weekend. We try to do that all year round, but this weekend with the tax savings it gives them an added incentive."

In Downtown Knoxville at Nothing Too Fancy, shoppers can get the most out of tax free weekend by picking up clothes you won't see at many retailers.

"We work with all local designers. We print everything locally, so everything you see here, you're not going to see anywhere else. There are lots of local themes and inside jokes that Knoxvillians would appreciate," explained co-owner Lisa Burnett.

She says they'll get a boost in sales from the tax free discount and from their location.

"They're already downtown or they're coming down to get shirts, so we see a big bump on tax free weekend."

Remember, tax free weekend starts tonight at midnight and runs through Sunday at noon. Sales tax free shopping applies to clothing and school supplies under $100 and computers under $1,500.

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