State dollars will cover Advanced Placement (AP) exams for students in select Knox County high schools.

State Representative Harry Brooks helped develop the initiative. He joined local school leaders at Carter High School Monday afternoon to announce the two-year pilot program, which begins this school year.

Brooks hopes the program will determine whether state support impacts the number of students participating and succeeding in AP classes.

The state will also fund student Industry Certification Exams. Those exams and AP tests can range from $89 dollars to more than $100 dollars each. That can be a money issue for some students.

"We now have opportunity for these students that are involved in these particular high schools as a pilot program to say 'hey, we can fix that issue'," said Rep. Brooks.

The state selected 22 schools in Tennessee for the program Five are in Knox County: Carter, Karns, Gibbs, South-Doyle and Halls High Schools.

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