(WBIR-Knoxville) A man who claims he's broken into hundreds of cars in the Knox County area is behind bars.

According to the Knox County Sheriff's Office, 24-year-old Aaron Tyler Estes of Knoxville was arrested Wednesday morning, after someone called 911 about a man sleeping in his car on Cedar Park Lane. When deputies arrived, they discovered that the car was stolen, and that it was full of stolen goods.

Estes was arrested and charged with three counts of theft and three counts of burglary. He also had an outstanding warrant for simple possession.

When questioned, Estes said he was responsible for 300-400 vehicle burglaries in the last two months in the Knoxville and surrounding area, and at least one home burglary.

Estes admitted to stealing multiple vehicles and sets of car keys with plans to return and steal the remainder of the vehicles. He said admitted that he stole four vehicles. Two have been recovered, and detectives are searching for the other two.Deputies found a number of stolen items in the car when Estes was arrested, including cameras, drivers licenses, credit cards, GPS systems, cell phones, a pocket watch, an iPod, prescription medication, knives, a Mini 4 Bar light bar, in addition to house and vehicle keys.

Detectives drove Estes around last night so he could show them the areas he had targeted, and were out again with him Thursday morning. So far, they've determined that Estes hit west Knox County subdivisions Duncan Glen and Crestwood, and are in the process of trying to identify victims.

Estes is in the Knox County Detention Facility on a $41,000 bond. He has a lengthy criminal history in Knox County that includes unauthorized use of debit/credit card, and multiple burglaries, aggravated burglaries, and thefts.

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