This is a busy time of the year for some pharmacists in East Tennessee as many people are making runs to get their prescriptions filled by the new year.

Pharmacists at Mac's Pharmacy in North Knoxville are filling four to five hundred prescriptions per day. It's a stark contrast to the amount they were filling just a few weeks ago.

"Middle of the month, the average may just be 300," said pharmacist Morgan Honeycutt.

Pharmacists say there are a couple factors causing the increase in demand.

First, this is the time of year when insurance plan deductibles roll over.

"They're also trying to figure out what's left for me to fill and they want to go ahead and take advantage of their benefits," Honeycutt said.

Second, this is flu season.

Pharmacist Andy Long, with City Drug Company in Maryville, said his business has seen an increase in the amount of customers seeking out Tamiflu.

"They run in and out of the cold, then they run inside and sneeze and it spreads the germs," he said.

And, then, finally there's scheduling.

Many pharmacies don't operate during winter holidays, giving pharmacies less time to fill their prescriptions and customers less time to pick them up.

But, Honeycutt said pharmacists have also been busy answering questions from customers. Specifically, how the Affordable Care Act will impact their prescriptions in the new year.

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