Parents, teachers, and kids in Knox County all made the trek back to school Monday.

Even though it was only a half day, Knoxville Police officers say they issued more than 100 tickets to drivers who violated school zone laws.

AAA of Tennessee Public Affairs Director Don Lindsey says it's important for everyone to know where school zones are.

"It can often save you time. If you happen to forget that there is a school zone in place, you might avoid a ticket while you're at it," said Lindsey.

He explains the speed within school zones depends on factors like the size of the school and traffic pattern.

"A pedestrian hit by a car going 25 mph is two thirds less likely to be killed than by a car going 35 mph. Ten miles an hour can make a huge difference in the safety of people. Plus it gives us more time to react and in school zones things happen very, very quickly," Lindsey explained.

For many kids, the rush to get home after school can put them in danger if they're not paying attention.

"Statistically and in this country about a quarter of the kids who are killed every year in pedestrian crashes are killed between 3 and 7 in the afternoon," Lindsey told 10 News.

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