He went from running bases to playing bass.

Matt Wallace now has his eyes focused solely on music.

A little bluegrass goes a long way in the Wallace household. It's a good thing because bluegrass music runs in Matt Wallace's blood.

"My grandpa, he lives over in Powell, and he's kind of, he always played it, and it was just something that was always there," says Matt.

Matt taught himself to play bass at a young age. "I guess when I was about 10 or 11 my mom sang and was in the gospel quartet and they needed a bass player," says Matt.

He stepped in and was hooked, but baseball was his main focus. He played at Lenoir City High School and then in college at Carson Newman, but he suffered some injuries and met his sweet wife, Diane, and baseball took a backseat.

"I just kind of got burnt out and lost interest," says Wallace.

He then started playing the upright bass and heard gospel and bluegrass singer Paul Williams was looking for a bass player.

"I wanted a job playing music. I wanted to do it for a living. So I looked his name up in the phone book and called him and said, 'Paul this is Matt Wallace. Don't know who you are. Really don't know your music, but I would sure like to have a job if you need a bass player,'" says Matt. "Sure enough as ignorant as that was he gave me the opportunity to come and try out."

And he got the job.

"While I was with him, the record I recorded on with him was nominated for a Dove Award and we won 'Bluegrass Gospel Band of the Year' twice," says Matt.

He also played with Audie Blaylock.

"Recorded two studio albums with Rural Rhythm Records and a live album for Rural Rhythm Records and the two records I recorded on were both number one albums and had multiple number one songs on them," says Matt.

And he played with David Parmley and Continental Divide. Matt even played the Grand Ole Opry with Jesse McReynolds, but now he is going out on his own.

"Right now I'm doing a record for Pine Castle Records and it will be a solo project where I'm singing the songs on it. I'm not as comfortable singing as I am playing," says Matt.

But he is comfortable doing what he loves right here in East Tennessee.

"Born here, raised here and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else," says Matt.

Matt Wallace, knee deep in gospel and bluegrass, head over heels for his wife and family.

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