(WBIR - Jefferson City) Jewelry, scarves, and crafts on Saturday replaced the spots normally held by firetrucks at the Lakeway Central volunteer fire department. A charity craft show was held as a fundraiser for the JeffersonCitydepartment.

Crafters each paid for a spot at the fair and firefighters grilled up hamburgers and hot dogs to sell for lunch. An auction was also held as part of the fundraiser.

The department's fire chief, Joe Devotie, said the department's funding needs are not unique to East Tennessee.

"Every volunteer fire department struggles along the way. There's always needs that you have that a lot of things are expensive that you just can't afford sometimes when you want them or when you need them," Chief Devotie said.

Devotie has been fire chief at the Lakeway Central volunteer fire department since 1989 and has been a firefighter there for more than 27 years. He even was the one to donate the land that the fire station was built on.

"It feels real great to know the community cares and helps us out in the ways they do. It makes you feel real good. It makes you want to be ready at any time to serve the community," Devotie said.

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