By Mike Organ | The Tennessean

Johnny Majors knows a good football coach when he sees one and in Butch Jones he says Tennessee has a good one.

Jones is in fact, the best the Vols have had in a long time, according to Majors, who coached at UT from 1977-92.

"I guarantee you it will be a better-coached football team than what's been up there in eight or 10 years; probably 10 years at least," Majors said. "Butch Jones is going to get it done; you mark this down on August the 12th. John Majors doesn't know all, but John Majors can tell you who can coach and who cannot coach and Butch Jones can coach."

Majors, 78, was in Nashville on Monday to provide more of his collection of paraphernalia from his time as a UT player and coach to the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

His latest donation more than doubled his original collection made in 2004. The display of photos, game credentials, programs, correspondence with fans, daily calendars and other keepsakes expanded the display from 30 square feet to 67.

Majors was here to talk about his collection of personal effects, but was more than happy to give his opinion of Jones, who replaced Derek Dooley, who compiled a 32-41 record in his three seasons with the Vols.

"Butch Jones knows how to do it and what to do and he is going to win," Majors said. "I know what a coach has to do in order to win. He may not win next year or the year after or whatever, but I guarantee you he is going to win. I like him and I like his style."

As much as he admires Jones, Majors is equally impressed by UT's current administration and wishes he could have worked under Vols athletics director Dave Hart.

"There's always been pressure in coaching, it just depends on what kind of administration you have," Majors said. "If you have a good administration in place and they know you're doing a good job, which we were when I was at Tennessee ... we'd still be winning championships there if I was the head coach."

Majors is confident Jones is capable of handling whatever pressure comes his way as he attempts to rebuild the program, which hasn't posted a winning record since 2009.

"Butch Jones can handle the pressure, so don't be concerned about that," Majors said. "And I think he has some administrators that will be behind him."

Majors said it was not difficult for him to part with more of his collection of Vols paraphernalia, which he had kept in a commercial storage unit.

"My mother and I had so much stuff; boxes and boxes and trunks full of stuff," Majors said. "I was spending money storing 30, 40, 50 boxes and mother had them all over the Sewanee house, in the attic and the garage. To get rid of it I feel much better. It will be here for people who want to see it and it's good to know that it will be taken care of."

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