Knoxville is once again grabbing national for safe driving.

Allstate released their ninth annual Best Drivers Report and Knoxville was the safest city in Tennessee. We landed the number 12 spot overall.

Allstate ranks the 200 largest cities in America each year in terms of car collision frequency.

Folks we talked to said they agree with what the insurance company said.

"I think that there's a lot of truth to that. I was actually just in Raleigh this past weekend and people scared the crap out of me driving there. I was excited to get back to Knoxville where people actually drive the speed limit," said Kia Kindall.

"I'm not surprised. I think as far as safety goes, I can imagine there's a lot less safe places. I'm from New Orleans; I moved here after Katrina and New Orleans is probably a little more dangerous to drive," said Amy Brown.

But many people who commented on the Channel 10 Facebook page had a different opinion.

When we asked if you agree with the ranking, we received more than 200 comments. Many called out Knoxville drivers for texting and other distractions, plus speeding. A lot of people specifically mentioned feeling unsafe on Alcoa Highway.

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