Scott County's first liquor store is open and attracting customers from across the state line.

The county itself is dry but Winfield city officials approved an ordinance last fall that legalized package stores and on-site consumption sales of liquor.

In the beginning of May, Stone Cold Liquor opened its doors.

Brad Anderson owns the store; his daughter, Ashley Branscum, said business is picking up.

"It's good. It's not where we want it but it's good for it being new," Branscum said.

The showroom is 3,000 ft. with another 3,000 ft. for the office and stock room.

According to Branscum, it consists of 80% liquor and 20% wine.

The six employees are surprised by wine sales, a popular seller.

Customers come from all over.

"Well I was up this way and thought I'd just stop in and look at it, looks good," said Susie Carson, of Winfield.

Stone Cold Liquor is less than three miles away from Kentucky.

McCreary County is right next to Scott County; it is also a dry county.

"It's a lot closer because if we have to get any liquor, we either go to the bootlegger or drive to Richmond or Corbin, Ky. This is a whole lot closer," said Chris Burke, of McCreary County.

Burke went on to say, "My friends, they love it. They come down here. This is the first place they come because they don't want to drive 50 or 60 miles out of the way."

Earlier this year, city officials also approved an ordinance that limits the amount of liquor stores in Winfield to just one.

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