Today the trial is scheduled to start in the severe beating of a tow truck driver back in September 2012.

Knoxville police charged Tycorrian Taylor, 23, of Knoxville with attempted first-degree murder. Taylor had bee on out bond until last month when a judge ordered him back into custody after he missed several probation meetings.

Officials said Taylor attacked Ron Gandy, 48, from behind, as he was trying to tow Taylor's car at the Pleasant Terrace Apartments in northwest Knoxville. Witnesses told police Gandy got into an argument with the Taylor over his Lexus that wasn't supposed to be parked at the apartments. They said Taylor attacked Gandy when he turned to finish hooking up the car to tow it.

Gandy was hospitalized and spent 34 days in a coma, following months in rehab. The attack left Gandy paralyzed.

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