(WBIR, Gatlinburg) - The government shutdown was almost a "matrimonial" shutdown for one couple getting married in East Tennessee.

After a two-week closure, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park opened in time for Saturday's ceremony.

"When she saw this place, this was it. This was what she wanted," said the bride's father Jerry McCarter.

Tiffani and her fiance planned for a year to get married at the Spence Cabin in the Smokies.

The shutdown meant the couple had to look for backups just in case.

"We are back to plan A now and we don't have to pay for too many plan B's," said McCarter.

Wednesday they found out the park would be open this weekend. It was a relief that all the planning paid off.

"It's Tiffani's day. And you know she has everything set in place and it's exactly the way she wants it. And she couldn't be happier," said McCarter.

Saturday, Tiffani's vision became a reality as she walked down the aisle in the place she envisioned. Jerry McCarter says they did have a backup plan and the wedding would have happened either way, but he says he is glad he was able to give his daughter the day she always dreamed of.

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