A state audit found safety problems within the disabilities agency.

A report released Tuesday revealed the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities needs to fix safety problems and its information system.

Since 1994, the department has spent more than $4 million to replace its outdated information system. But the audit found the department is getting very little from spending so much, and the department is hoping to use another $12 million to finish the project.

The most serious findings involve how two deaths were handled. The comptrollers office says there were substantiated allegations of foul play, but the deputy commissioner at the time, Scott Modell, overturned the findings and no one was ever held accountable.

"It was clearly out of his authority to do so. We have made changes to strengthen our system and to prevent this from ever happening again," said Cara Kumari, spokeswoman for the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

Modell has since transferred to DCS and the death investigations are ongoing.

Department officials will appear before lawmakers Wednesday morning. There's a subcommittee meeting that starts at 9 a.m.

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