A statewide campaign kicked off Monday in Seymour to change the education system.

School Choice NOW is urging Tennessee lawmakers to approve legislation that would help provide scholarships to parents of disadvantaged children in public schools.

The idea is to use public scholarships equal to the amount of money already spent on those children. Parents could then use that scholarship to help pay for private school or any other type of education.

Monday, parents at King's Academy in Seymour had a chance to learn more about the program.

"A lot of times parents learn about their options, they had no idea this was going on across the nation, and this could be an option for their families as well. The more people learn about this program the more people want to use them, and it seems like scholarships are really gaining traction around the country," said Stephanie Linn.

Twenty-three states already have similar programs. There are similar informational meetings scheduled for later this week in Nashville and Memphis.

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