(WBIR - Knoxville) Get a good look at the golden colors on the trees now, East Tennessee. By Friday, the warm colors of autumn could be gone from the air, and found on the ground.

"Trees, like maple -- one of our more colorful trees, and black gums and trees of that nature form a good 'incision layer.' And a windy period once they get fully mature will certainly take them off," said UT Extension's David Vandergriff.

A Halloween storm that's caused problems to the west is heading right towards East Tennessee, bringing with it strong gusty winds and plenty of precipitation.

Places like the peaks of the Smokies and parts of Townsend are now past their prime -- so odds are, if and when this storm's force comes, foliage there could be gone.

UT Extension's Vandergriff takes a positive light to it.

"Just because they come off the tree does not mean all's lost for the beauty of the leaf color," he said. "We just go from having the leaves on the canopy of the tree to having a beautiful carpet on the ground."

Meanwhile, 10News would love to see the colors in your backyard. Visit the WBIR Facebook page to upload your photos.

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