(WBIR - Knoxville) - Thousands of students in East Tennessee will be taking part in a quiz show this week with the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra.

Starting Wednesday morning, more than 9,000 third, fourth and fifth graders will not only be sitting in the audience but interacting with the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra as part of its Young People's Concert Series.

This year's theme is "Orchestra Quiz Show."

Students have been learning about orchestra music at school and this week many children will see and hear a live orchestra for the first time.

"Some of these kids might walk away and say that was really cool I want to go play the flute or trumpet, or that musician from the Knoxville Symphony that came to my classroom that was really cool, I want to go learn more about playing the clarinet or something. So these are our potential youth orchestra members and our future symphony patrons," said Communications Director Rachel Dellinger.

There are five concerts scheduled over the next three days.

The KSO has been doing the Young People's Concerts for elementary students for more than 60 years.

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