The average cost of a Thanksgiving Day meal has decreased by $0.44, according to a study.


(WBIR) Whether you're the kind who goes prepared with a list or a last minute shopper, Americans will soon be packing grocery stores to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, the average cost of a Thanksgiving Day meal for a family of 10 is $49.04. Last year's average, according to the AFBF, was $49.48.

The study states volunteer shoppers looked for the best possible prices without taking advantage of special promotional coupons or purchase deals.

10News went to a Knoxville store and picked up the same items mentioned in the American Farm Bureau Federations's 28th annual study. At the end of the Knoxville shopping trip, the food items cost about $40.00.

For those who don't like to be in the kitchen, some supermarkets offer ready-to-eat Thanksgiving meals for up to 10 people with all the trimmings. The cost for that is $50.00 - $75.00.

To read the American Farm Bureau Federation's study, go to

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