(WBIR-Knoxville) The owner of a local gun store said it was robbed before it ever had a grand opening.

Police said 27 weapons were stolen from a gun shop in West Knoxville early Thanksgiving morning.

Around 2:45 Thursday morning, officers with Knoxville Police Department were called out to Guardian Armory, on Seven Oaks Drive near Kingston Pike.

According to officers with KPD, 24 of the stolen weapons were reported to be handguns, and the other three were long-guns, either rifles or shotguns.

Store owner Tim Smith said the robbery would really hurt his business and family.

"It really effects us negativity, we lost quite a bit of inventory and it will have a big impact on my family and their Christmas," Smith said.

He said some of the items stolen were collectors pieces dating back to 1911.

Smith said he plans to increase security at Guardian Armory by adding more bars on the windows and stationing an armed guard in the store, 24 hours a day.

Police said the suspect or suspects shattered the front glass window of the business and took off before officers got to the scene.

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