(WBIR) A joint effort between a local hospital and a department store is working to keep kids safe while biking.

East Tennessee Children's Hospital handed out free bicycle helmets on Saturday as part of a joint effort with Kohl's bike helmet safety program.

Kohl's also presented Children's Hospital with a check for $76,752 before the helmet giveaway.

Children were also taught how to properly fit their new bike helmets.

Hospital workers say getting a helmet on your children's heads is an easy way to try and prevent major injuries while biking.

"It's very important to keep them healthy. We can obviously fix broken arms, broken legs. Head injuries are a bit different, so we want to keep them as safe as we can," said Linda Cox-Collier with ETCH.

The hospital also reminded that while helmets are certainly good practice, they're also also the law if you're younger than 16.

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