December 20th - 24th are expected to be the busiest shopping days of the holiday. Instead of waiting, many shoppers are rushing to the stores to grab many popular items before they're out of stock.


(WBIR) There's less than two weeks to go until one of the biggest holidays of the year and many are making their way to stores to pickup last minute Christmas gifts. For some, being one of Santa's elves is a stressful job.

Roy Nabors of Harriman has been searching for some time for a Christmas gift his children want.

Nabors said, "My son and daughter both have been wanting a PS4 for Christmas."

The PlayStation 4 is one of the most popular and hardest items to find this holiday season. Luck was on Nabors' side and he found one at Rockwood's Walmart.

He said, "The first thing I did was call my wife and said, 'You're not going to believe this! They have one of these PS4s down here.' I said, 'You definitely want me to get it it for them?' And she said, 'Oh yeah!' So we decided to go ahead and pull the trigger."

Sunday morning, the store released 24 of the gaming systems they had gotten in a recent shipment.

Randy Clements, Zone Manager for Walmart, said the PS4 isn't the only hot item this holiday season. He said, "I've noticed here we sell a lot of the Leap Frog stuff, the LeapPad. Barbie, every year, always sells well. We have the Holiday Barbie that everybody's wants. And then just the dollhouse, the DC Princess Dreamhouse."

Knoxville's Smart Toys and Books has also been extremely busy with last minute shopping.

Assistant Manager Kelley Blankenship said, "We've sold a lot of the Hop & Squeak Pogo Jumper, which is for three and up. We've also sold a ton of Rainbow Looms. Epic Bubbles is another." Blankenship also encourages shoppers, "If you see it on the shelf you better grab it quick because we're selling a lot of stuff really fast."

Smart Toys and Books cater to children up to the age of 10. You won't find a PlayStation 4 there.

Roy Nabors was excited he was able to find a PS4 anywhere.

He said, "Now, my kids are going to be excited if I can keep them from seeing this or having anybody tell them they saw this on TV. They're going to really enjoy it."

Target and Kmart also sell the PlayStation 4, but both said they are out of stock at the time of this story. A Target employee said the store will get a large shipment in Monday, however she was unsure if the gaming system will be a part of the incoming items.

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