(WBIR-Knoxville) WBIR-TV anchor emeritus Bill Williams spent his career delivering news to living rooms across East Tennessee. Many 10News viewers consider the Tennessee TV Legend a family member. With the help of Bill Williams' wife, Wanda, we've compiled a list of 5 facts you may not know about Knoxville's favorite TV personality.

1. Bill Williams is an accomplished pianist and singer who sang in a college quartet. Williams is currently a deacon at Central Baptist Church in Fountain City. His voice may be heard in the baritone/bass section of the church choir.

2. When Bill Williams enrolled at Phillips University in Enid, Oklahoma, he wanted to become a minister or concert violinist. Broadcasting eventually won Williams over. Knoxville's Favorite Son also has an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Carson Newman University.

3. The legendary TV anchor's granddaughter, Billie, is named after Bill. Bill Williams' grandson, Riley, is named after Bill's father. Williams' granddaughter, Mallory Michelle, is named after Bill's late son, Michael.

4. Don't attempt to serve the famous TV anchor asparagus at dinner. Bill Williams does not like that particular vegetable. Williams will tolerate broccoli if it's covered with cheese.

5 - The late Mary Lou Horner introduced Bill Williams to his beloved wife, Wanda. Williams took Mary Lou and Wanda to dinner at Arthur's in Fountain City. One week after the initial dinner, Bill asked Wanda to marry him. Bill and Wanda were married three months later and will celebrate their 31st wedding anniversary in July 2014.

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