(WBIR-LaFollette) A LaFollette pastor will have to find a new place to worship after the building owner kicked him and his snake-handling worshipers out of the church.

The sign for Tabernacle Church of God, on Longmire Lane, no longer included Andrew Hamblin's name, and the doors were locked Thursday.

10News spoke with the building owner, Clyde Daugherty, who said he built the church in August, 1994. Daugherty said he rented the building to Hamblin for $267 a month, but decided to no longer allow serpent handling in the church.

"Too many people were getting hurt and dying, and that's a proven fact," said Daugherty. "He was focused too much on the wrong things, like attention from the media and the TV show, instead of the word of God."

Hamblin, who starred in National Geographic's reality series "Snake Salvation," made news headlines after authorities seized more than 50 venomous snakes in his possession last fall. His court appearances drew in large crowds of supporters, and ultimately a grand jury did not indict him.

Hamblin has told 10News he was bitten by poisonous snakes numerous times, along with another famous pastor and reality TV star Jamie Coots, who was bit nine times; the last bit killed him in February.

"I was with Jamie in Middlesboro Kentucky when he was bit," said Daugherty. "Enough is enough. There will be no snakes at my services."

Coots' son, Cody Coots, 21, took over the church after his father's death. He was bit by a snake last month.

"I won't make a mockery of God," said Daugherty. "I suffered a heart attack, stroke, and pneumonia last month, and God is good to me and I want my church to be about his good word, instead of focusing on getting attention from the media."

Daugherty said Hamblin is working on finding a new building, but added he offered to sell the Longmire Lane property to him for a cheap price.

"I told him he could have this building and the surrounding properties and trailers for $66,000 but he didn't want to buy. He won't find cheaper, but I hope the best for him," said Daugherty.

Hamblin did not return several phone calls from 10News Thursday.

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