(WBIR - Knoxville) It's game day and Vols fans experienced something they haven't felt in a long time.

Ryan Qualls of Benton, TN said, "It feels like Christmas, but it's football time in Tennessee!"

Jon Lee of Charlotte, NC said, "We've got new blood, new life, and we're going to the top!"

The entire Strip near UT's campus was turned into a sea of orange and white Saturday, as Vols fans tailgated and shared what they expect to happen not only at the game, but during the entire season.

Nathan Davis of Decatur, AL said, "Hard hits, good SEC plays."

Chris Davis, also of Decatur, AL, said, "A lot of touchdowns. I'm expecting at least 65 - 70 points."

Keith Davis of Trinity, AL said, "I played here from 1979 - 1981. I love this place. I bring my family every year. We come to all of the home games and some away games. I'm just looking forward to the Butch Jones era. I'm looking forward to Tennessee being relevant again, coming back and being a SEC power."

The same attitude could also be found yards from Neyland Stadium, as fans there believe new head football coach, Butch Jones, has what it takes to lead the Vols to victory.

Kelly Lee of Charlotte, NC said, "We're expecting great things!"

Lee's husband, Jon, added, "We want six wins and we'll be happy to get started because we know he's coming in and getting started, but from here the recruiting season next year is up and we know he's going to take us to the top."

Larry Saffles of Knoxville said, "This is the start of the future!"

Aaron Love, also of Knoxville, continued, "Brick by brick, we will return to dominance, baby!" Return to dominance!"

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