Halloween is still more than a week away but it's already beginning to look a little bit like Christmas in parts of downtown Knoxville.
Crews have already started hanging lights in Krutch Park to get ready for the city's holiday festivities.

Christmas in the City gets underway full force on the day after Thanksgiving, with the opening of the ice skating rink on Market Square and the tree lighting ceremony for the Regal Celebration of Lights. The displays include more than 100,000 lights, so crews have to start hanging them now to make sure everything is ready to go by late November.

Meanwhile, the city says it's rooftop forest of holiday trees should grow this year.

The city revamped its "Up on the Rooftop" campaign last month to encourage more businesses to put lighted trees on display on top of buildings in and around downtown Knoxville. The tradition started in 1995 with 11 trees and peaked at more than five hundred. But the number fell to about 350 last holiday season.

The city doesn't have exact numbers for this year yet, but officials say they have received a lot of inquiries and there will be more trees than last year.

Leaders say the trees help add a festive touch to Knoxville's skyline and draw families to downtown Knoxville.

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