There will be no bowl game and another losing season for the Vols, no matter what happens this weekend against Kentucky.

UT Coach Butch Jones addressed the 14-10 loss to Vanderbilt on Saturday at his weekly press conference on Monday.

Jones mentioned several factors that contributed to the loss, including their lack of red zone efficiency, but he said it boiled down to one thing, "It comes down to making plays when the game is on the line, and we didn't make the plays when the game was on the line. Vanderbilt did."

Despite the loss, Jones said he thought the defense played well enough to win.

Now it's time to move on to the final game of the season, Saturday in Lexington against the Wildcats.

"We have to prove we can go on the road and win football games, and we have a lot to play for," said Jones.

He said he was proud of the team's attitude so far. They were all in Sunday, watching film. He said they've still got a lot to play for.

"If you are a competitor, it's another opportunity to compete, another opportunity to represent Tennessee," said Jones. "We have one opportunity left as Team 117, as a football family, then we're moving on to next year."

Jones said the team would rely on pride, and play for the seniors. "There will never be a team 117 again," he said.

Then it's on to next year. Jones addressed how far he thinks his team has come.

"Success isn't measured by a bowl game. You make sure the standards, the foundation is in place, to continue to moving forward. I believe that's in place. We still lot of work to do, but have made tremendous strides," said Jones.

Jones said people who haven't played the game may not understand. They see the wins and losses, but not the commitment and the hard work the team is putting in every day.

"You never take this great game for granted, take playing at UT for granted, it's an honor and privilege to play here," said Jones.

Jones addressed the disappointment of the fans.

"I know everyone hurts," he said. But he said the fans are great, part of the football family, and the future is bright.

"When this thing really gets going, it's going to be special."

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