Monday evening, we got a look at two separate plans for the future of World's Fair Park.

One plan would move UT's Clarence Brown Theatre to World's Fair park. The other would add a new amphitheater concert venue to the park, in addition to the amphitheater already there.

The renderings confirmed that both plans would fit with the space of the park.

One official says there are advantages to both plans.

"I think the advantage to the city of having Clarence Brown Theater is having a world renowned theater very visible and accessible to the public, and the folks in Knoxville, the folks who go there, and having that community asset paired up with the art museum being a civic asset versus a university asset, and the advantage of the amphitheater is a great place for outdoor concerts to bring folks in," said Bill Lyons, Knoxville chief policy officer.

Monday night's meeting was the fifth and final meeting for the World's Fair Park working group. Lyons said he expects to take further steps towards a final plan early next year, but they could also go in a separate direction from either plan altogether.

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