(WBIR-Knoxville) A majority of Tennessee lawmakers may not be in favor of it, but Sex Week at the University of Tennessee is back.

Last week, the state House of Representatives formally condemned Sex Week through a resolution, calling the event "atrocious."

"While that has no legal power, it is a formal statement by the state legislature that they condemn us for what we're doing," said Jacob Clark, co-founder of Sexual Empowerment and Awareness at Tennessee (SEAT) and Sex Week UTK.

On Sunday, organizers kicked off the week's first three events, including an aphrodisiacs cooking class.

"Aphrodisiacs have a lot of myths that go with them. They're much more simple than we like to think," said Clark, during the cooking class.

About 40 students attended the event, more than what Clark expected for the new addition. More than half the students there said it was their first time attending a Sex Week event. Some events from Sex Week last year drew in crowds over a hundred.

Despite its support on campus, it has gotten mixed reactions at the Tennessee State Capitol.

A resolution filed Thursday in the senate asks the "board of trustees to work with university administration to implement changes to the assessment and allocation of the student activity fees within the University of Tennessee system."

"In the future years, we are concerned with if there are changes to that allocation process. Every year you have to reapply so there is a chance we wouldn't be awarded the funding. So we have to be ready for that," Clark said.

When 10News asked SEAT Executive Board Member Nicky Hackenbrack if any of state lawmakers had attended any of the Sex Week events she responded, "No, they have not. Not to my knowledge."

She went on to say, "People are looking at descriptions of events and they're jumping to conclusions. And I totally understand that, the taboo surrounding sex. It makes perfect sense that people are misconstruing what Sex Week stands for."

Sex Week will feature activities and lectures ranging from lighthearted (aphrodisiacs cooking class) to serious (sexual assault prevention).

"We want to make sure that people make healthy choices and understand the consequences and ramifications of their choices and that doesn't end in a year. So it's important that this continue going," Clark said.

According to SEAT Co-Founder Brianna Rader, of the $25,000 budget for this year's Sex Week $20,000 is coming from student fees. The remaining $5,000 is from the Ready for the World grant from UT.

Sex Week ends on Friday night.

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