(WBIR - Downtown Knoxville) The debate over genetically modified food, and one company's role in developing them, played out across the country and in Knoxville on Saturday.

Dozens walked from Krutch park throughout downtown during an organized "March against Monsanto."

Participants called for special labels for genetically modified food products, which they say can cause harm.

One speaker at the event said there's also a need to look at the whole farming process and the use of pesticides.

"This is not banning it, this is just saying we want to know if its there so we can make an informed choice when we purchase our foods," Dr. Mary Headrick, a speaker at Saturday's march, said.

This isn't the first time groups have protested Monsanto about GMOs. The St. Louis-based company told our affiliate, KSDK, that around 300 similar marches took place across the country on Saturday.

The company even has an entire section of their website addressing the concerns and offers a counter-argument.

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