(WBIR-Cumberland County) A Morristown Boy Scout troop discovered a body on a hiking trail in the Cumberland County Mountain State Park Saturday night.

Officials located the troop, along with the body, in a remote location off Pigeon Ridge Road near the entrance to the Ballyhoo Campground.

"After we got the camp set up, some of the firewood, some of the boys were down about 300 feet from the campsite we picked there and discovered a backpack. And after they went up to the backpack, they seen a tarp," said Troop 295 assistant leader Ed Shaver. "And after they moved the tarp, they seen the remains."

Crossville Police said two boys found the remains 60 to 75 yards from the hiking trail while playing in the woods.

Police uncovered bones, a backpack, and a shirt at the scene. They sent the remains to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation crime lab for identification. City police is going to local missions to see if anyone recognizes the backpack. They've not been able to identify the sex or age of the body. McKenzie said officials believe the remains are more than a year old.

"All the boys in the troop wanted to find out who this person is," said Shaver.

As of Monday evening, officials don't have any missing persons who could be the victim. Major Mark Rosser told 10News since there's no immediate match with any reported people, the department has been going to area shelters to see if anyone would recognize the backpack or clothing found at the scene.

So far, Crossville Police believe the victim is a larger, middle-aged male.

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(WBIR - Cumberland County) Crossville Officials said they're investigating after human remains were found at a state park on Saturday.

Cumberland County District Attorney, Gary McKenzie, told WBIR 10News the police received a report late Saturday night about human remains being discovered at Cumberland Mountain State Park.

McKenzie said because it was too dark at that point, officials decided to wait until Sunday morning to begin investigating the scene.

There are still a lot of unknowns at this point, but McKenzie said they believe the remains are more than a year old.

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