The first the Southern Women's Expothis weekend will include a vendor who sells accessories and donates ALL the profits to charity.

An East Tennessee woman has merged her passion form shopping with her passion for service.

Joan Phippsdescribes her items asblingalicious.

"I love jewelry, I love accessories, I love hand bags, I love all pretty things and so I guess that's just where my niche was and what led me, she said.

It led Joan Phipps to start an unusual business called Just the Necessities. She finds a lot of her jewelry and purses and scarves on sale in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge and Sevierville as well as Atlanta and Chicago. Then she re-sells it.

"100% of the profits go to charity. 100%," she said.

She realized fashion statements some think of as necessities can help people who need real necessities like food.

"It started with a trip to the Philippines. My husband and I went there on a mission trip and I saw that there was such great need," she explained "On Saturdays they feed children there and they can feed 200 children for $50. And so we started giving and giving to feed the children and I just wanted to find a way to make more money to feed more children."

That mission to feed children with profits from her business has extended to small charities in the United States in Indiana and here in Scott County.

"Our prices? I try to make them very affordable so everyone can be a part of this. I have items for $5 to $70 so it's very affordable. I try to pick things that I love that I hope you will love," she said.

Joan started out selling her accessories and jewelry in homes and churches. But she's discovered social media.

"I tweet. I'm learning to tweet and hash tag and then also we are on Pinterest,"she said.

She sells a lot of the items on facebookand her own website.

"We're a brand new business and so we were blessed in our first quarter to sell right at $10,000 in merchandise our first quarter of this year," she said.

Joan Phipps is just one woman who lives in Halls who wants to help those who struggle with just the necessities.

"Every person can do a little bit which makes a lot and together we can make a difference," se said.

She is making a difference one pretty accessory at a time.

The Southern Women's Expois tomorrow and Saturday at the Knoxvillle Expo Center on Clinton Highway.

Friday July 19 from noon to 7:00 pm.

Saturday July 20 from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Admission is $5 per person for 12 and older.

Free parking.

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