She reworks vintage jewelry into these designs. It's something Brooke Griffith seemed almost destined to do.

"My grandparents and my mom have all been huge flea market fans and always gone to auctions and picked through all kinds of different jewelry so I always picked out the small trinkets and small jewelry pieces when I went along with them," Brooke Griffith said.

Last year the Belmont University student decided to use those collected trinkets to create a jewelry line.

"I just started piecing things together to see what would work. I do have a background in art do that definitely helped with contrasting things and putting some pieces together," she said.

She named her jewelry making enterprise for her grandparents: Glen and Effie Vintage Design.

"The name really goes back and is a way to honor not only my grandparents but the people and generation who were able to put some time and attention to the detail and craftsmanship of these pieces," she said.

She sells some jewelry on her facebook pageand some in galleries in the Nashville area. She just lined up one more: G and G Interiors in Knoxville.

"My aim and goal for the jewelry is to have it in places that are just unique and different at the product itself so this location here in Knoxville is wonderful for it," she said.

The price of the jewelry ranges from $50 to $600. Each piece has its own story.She explained the history of a necklace she was wearing. "The rhinestone accessories and little droplets are from an old necklace and the the tortoiseshell pieces were from an old bracelet."

Her most expensive necklace is made with brass beetles a contact found at a flea market in Paris.

"I put those together with some very rare vintage art deco pieces with a lot of rhinestones so it definitely makes something special because it is rare and hard to find," she said.

She also transformed a vintage hunters pin into a necklace.

"Everything is different everything is one of a kind so someone has a piece or they buy a piece it's theirs. No one else will ever have something like it," she said.

As Brooke starts her senior year she already has plans for after graduation.

"Hopefully I'll be able to keep on putting some pieces in some new and unique stores and one day have my own shop."

For now, find her hand crafted vintage jewelry at shops including one in Knoxville's Bearden neighborhood.

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