(WBIR-Sevierville, TN) There are more than four new attractions to see at RainForest Adventures in Sevierville. First, a baby monkey has been born.

The tiny cotton top tamarin is less than two-weeks-old. It willcling tomother Neenah's back and stomach for two to three months. Once it climbs on its on, zoo officials can determine if the baby is a boy or girl.

"It will become more stronger, more confident and move off mom slowly taking it's first few steps down a branch. It's fun to watch because mom doesn't know how to react to that and often times she'll just reach out, grab him back and stick him on," said RainForest owner Bill Lucey.

The zoo has recently added a pair of Agoutis, which resemble both the rabbit and deer family.

A gigantic python is sitting on top of 35 eggs that could hatch Saturday.

Plus, a chameleon that has been brown for years now resembles a rainbow.

"Recently, we've introduced two female chameleons which have brought on that change. The colors are very unique when he's attracting girls versus very aggressive pattern that might pop up if we put another male in there," Lucey said.

RainForest Adventures plans to hold a "Name The Monkey" contest on their Facebook Page.

The zoo is open every day except Christmas from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

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