Randy Cross loves the fun characters in comic books and the people who play them. His store captures his passion.


His outfit says it all. Randy Cross wears a gold Star Trek shirt complete with a communicator and phaser.

He is a Trekkie who stands in line at conventions to get signed photographs.

"It's just fun to meet the people that you've seen on TV all these times," Randy Cross said. "Gates McFadden from Star Trek the Next Generation, when I walked up to her and she said hello I just started crying," he said as he laughed.

He's turned his passion into a business: New Krypton Comics.

It's a dream job for someone whose never liked a job.

"I've hated every job I've had, the kind of hate where you don't want to go to bed at night because you know you have to wake up and go there the next day. This is something I've always wanted to do. I'm my own boss which is good because all of my bosses have told me in the past I have issues with authority," Randy Cross said.

The only issues at his store in Powell are issues of comic books, some of them rare.

"This is from 1944 before she had her own title," he said, pointing to a cover featuring Wonder Woman

.Some of them not."I just think there are cheesy and stupid," he said about some others. "Who would have bought these? Brides in Love and Sweethearts."

The artwork, the embroidery, the robots... Randy Cross created it all.

"I emptied out my house and brought it here. This is what my house used to look like,' he said.

So what does his house look like now?

"I have this strange thing I can't throw away light bulbs so I have boxes and drawers full of used light bulbs. I don't know why," he said.

He knows why he likes his favorite superhero.

"There's none better than Superman," he said. "Because he always does what's right. Even if it hurts him he does what's right. Forget about his powers and all the stuff he can do, it's what he chooses to do which makes him the super hero."

Best super hero evil nemesis?

"Lex Luthor. And I have to correct people on that all the time because they always say Lu-ther and it's Lu-thor. I've probably corrected five people just in the last week who have said that wrong," he said.

What about the comic casting controversy: Ben Afleck as Batman in the Man of Steel Superman-Batman sequel...

"They think Superman can't carry his own sequel? They have to throw Batman in there?" he said feigning outrage. "He can bench press the weight of the earth for two weeks straight and they think he's not strong enough to carry his own sequel? That's my gripe."

One day the Superman fan would like to open a Superman museum.

"At my house I have two rooms full of stuff, close to a thousand collectibles, and I would like to show it off," he explained.

In the meantime you can find lots of comics and an eclectic owner at New Krypton Comics."Just come buy stuff so I can buy food," he said.


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