A school here in Knoxville is focusing on more than academics. Day Spring Baptist Christian Academy teaches values.


A school here in Knox County is focusing on more than academics.

"All the things we're doing here really is a miracle," Rev. Ron Burress said.

The miracle Rev. Ron Burress is talking about is a small school on Oldham Avenue, about a dozen students. He started it five years ago and calls it Day Spring Baptist Christian Academy.

"It's a school for children who otherwise may not get to go to a private school," he said. "It's a place where children can come and be at peace with one another."

They are at peace with one another as they pray together and study all the traditional subjects.

"My math," Student Malachi Mitchell said. "It's fun."

It is so fun that seven year old Malachi Mitchell is scoring almost perfect on 3rd grade level work.

The youngest students start in 'Ready to Read.' Once they score 100% they move to the other classroom where they advance at their own pace.

"Our curriculum is ACE: Accelerated Christian Education. And it's all about children studying at their own level at their own pace," Rev. Burress said.

Students of all ages work on assignments individually and ask questions when they need guidance. They come up with their own plans each day for what they will work on and how much time they will spend on each subject. That freedom reinforces responsibility.

"We're trying to raise children to adulthood with respect and pride and and a word that's not used much: integrity," he said.

Sponsors make it possible for parents to pay just $1,200 a year in tuition.

"We're not here for money. We're here for children, to give them a hand when otherwise they wouldn't have a hand," he said.

Twelve year old Heather Capps sums up the atmosphere at Day Spring Baptist Christian Academy.

"It's more Godly," she said.

They are learning universal values in a Christian environment.

"Be kind to others,' Malachi Mitchell said.

Rev. Burress said, "It's a good thing to raise up children in the way they should go. You're always rewarded by that."


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