Squeekville with two "e"s is a mini amusement park populated by tiny hand painted mice. It is a new feature at this year's Fantasy of Trees.


Fantasy of Trees has a new feature in the children's area but grown ups will like it too.

It's called Squeekville. That's Squeekville with two "e"s.

"I just thought it was kind of like squeak. You know it's more fun for kids," Brian McWilliams said.

Squeak just makes sense because Squeekville is a miniature amusement parkwhere all the rides are enjoyed not by people but by mice.

Brian McWilliams father created the original for the family Christmas tree and passed it along to his son.

"There's seven of us in our family. We grew up with this when my father put it up under the Christmas tree every year. Not this elaborate," he explained.

Oh, it's elaborate. Each mouse is hand made and hand painted.

"They're made out of dowel rod and copper wire," he said. "My father did about six and I've got over 350 and counting so they keep growing."

Not only is the number of mice growing but also the size of the amusement park itself.

Most of it's all hand made. The Ferris wheel. This swing back here. That's made from an umbrella. So I use a lot of pieces and parts of stuff to make things," he said.

The things move, including the 70-year-old Lionel train looping around the perimeter and the dancers doing the jitterbug.

When visitors look closer through the whirl of activity they notice the delightful details. The little mice and doing people stuff, enjoying the amusement park, and relaxing and taking care of the place.

You may even spot some tail gaters.

" A lot of kids give me different ideas. You need a mouse on a skateboard. You need a mouse on a pogo stick. Whatever. It makes it a lot of fun. I've got grand kids and they help too," he said.

Brian McWilliams can't help but smile at the grand finale of the Squeekville demonstration.

"Everything stops. And the high diver does his little thing and he dives in the water and the kids clap and parents too," he too.

You will clap too when you experience Squeekville.

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