(WBIR-West Knoxville) At a luncheon next Tuesday the American Heart Association will connect women with heart healthy information at the Go Red for Women event.

Women must pay special attention to symptoms of a heart attack, something Lori Booth found out this past February.

"When I got up that morning I was exhausted. I was so tired I just couldn't make it across the room without help," Lori Booth said.

That day she could not even make it to the appointment her husband scheduled for her with her doctor.

"So he took me on to the emergency room and I was having a heart attack when I got there,"she said. "It wasn't symptoms like you would think you would have with a heart attack. My heart didn't seem to be beating out of my chest. I didn't have numbness in my arm or nothing like I had always heard a heart attack would be."

"The typical symptoms are tightness or pressure or squeezing in the center of your chest but you can have a variety of symptoms that are atypical like shortness of breath or indigestion sensation that you may not realize is your heart," Dr. Malcolm Foster said.

He is a cardiologist at Tennova's Turkey Creek Medical Center.

"So we say time is muscle and time is survival so it's important to seek attention immediately so call 911," he said.

Lori Booth recognized something was wrong, got treatment, and is staying healthy.

"I have definitely changed the way I eat, what I eat, I make better decisions when i decide what I am going to eat and I drink a lot more water than I used to and also I exercise. It's been key," she said.

Heart disease kills more women then all forms of cancer combined.

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